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In the early stages of his career, actor, rapper, director Dex Elliott Sanders made several guest star appearances on shows such as China Beach, Booker and many others. This momentum lead to offers from two major roles at the same time: a starring role in the film Boyz n the Hood and a three-year contract, series regular role on the ABC daytime drama One Life to Live: a great dilemma for a young actor to be in, but a difficult choice to make. After a year of working on the ABC drama, Dex left the show and New York City and returned to Los Angeles where he picked up right where he left off, booking roles on ER; films such as Last Action Hero, opposite "Arnold Schwarzenegger" and also re-occurring role on 90210 playing director Kyle Scott. Dex then went on to land a starring role on the Sci-Fi television show Babylon 5 playing Jonathan Harris, a character that the franchise later immortalized by creating a personal trading card in it's honor. Dex has enjoyed continual success over the years, booking series regular roles on pilots such as Valley of the Dolls and the NBC pilot Fast Company opposite Ann Jillian and Tim Matheson. He has also landed several guest star roles on hit shows such as The Shield, Cold Case, CSI:Miami and Without a Trace. In Addition, Dex is an extremely talented Hip-hop artist, song writer, director and producer. He has written and produced six solo albums and has landed contracts with three separate major record companies. Many of his songs have been featured in films, television and video games. Some of his credits include the John Tucker Must Die-movie trailer, The Shield, Burn Notice, The Unit, Blue State Mountain, Reunion, Falcon Beach and the 2KO video game Prize Fighter-trailer just to mention a few. Early on, before acting and music, while still attending College, Dex worked at a nursing facility helping autistic adults and was also a live in counselor at a boy's home for troubled youth. Feeling a strong desire to make a difference in the world, he joined the ministry and preached at several churches before realizing his true passion and calling as an artist. Dex is the Owner, President and Ceo of Brown Rice Entertainment, an independent, multimedia production company. He recently wrote, directed and produced his first independent feature film, "King of the Underground" a dark comedy featuring several notable actors. The film is quickly becoming a cult classic. Dex and his street team have sold over 30 thousand copies independently and have also been offered several distribution offers. Presently Dex is hard at work penning multiple script ideas, prepping his latest feature film and in the studio working on his seventh solo album.





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